About Us

Madill’s Texoma Peanut Inn has been one of the most popular shopping places for Lake Texoma visitors since 1984. A subsidiary of the Texoma Peanut Company, one of the largest peanut shellers in the USA, the store had its beginnings as a small peanut and candy shop across the street from its present location on US 70.

Through the years it has expanded to include gourmet jams and jellies, salsas, pickles, souvenirs, t-shirts and caps, and customs gift baskets.

Managers Gary and Linda Jones have worked to make the store appealing for all tastes. From the shady front porch to the always filled coffee pot, the Peanut Inn welcomes visitors and regular customers with the same enthusiasm and down home hospitality.

“You won’t find any strangers at the Peanut Inn,” said Gary. “Just old friends and new friends. Meeting and greeting our customers is one of the most fun things we do here.”

New customers are always surprised by the wide selection of peanuts, candy, gourmet foods and gifts that are available. Their selection of chocolates and snacks is vast and includes dried fruits and mixes as well. Greeting cards, note cards, book marks, note pads, Oklahoma postcards and souvenirs and t-shirts are just a few of the many gift options for shoppers. Most items can be gift wrapped in their signature green gingham bags.

“Our top selling product is of course peanuts,” said Gary. “We offer plain roasted, salted, jalapeno and Cajun peanuts in the shell in sizes from one pound up to fifty. We also sell cocktail peanuts, roasted/salted Spanish peanuts, honey-roasted and hot & spicy shelled peanuts in one-pound, three-pound and five-pound quantities.”

The Peanut Inn is one of the dwindling number of stores where you can buy large quantities of raw, shelled peanuts as well as raw peanuts in the shell wholesale or retail. .
Most newcomers to the store say they are surprised by the huge assortment of gourmet jams, jellies, pickles, salsas and relishes available, added Jones. Mediterranean mixed olives, jalapeno stuffed olives, pickled jalapenos, cheese dip, cobblers and pecan pie in a jar are just a few of the many items on their well-stocked shelves.
Selections include pickled asparagus, marinated artichokes, dilled green beans, bread and butter pickles, pickled carrots, and four flavors of pepper jelly.

“We carry many products that were once found in every pantry when your mother or grandmother still canned,” said Jones. “Customers are surprised and delighted to find we sell chow-chow, red tomato preserves, onion relish, green tomato pickles and pickled beets just like grandma used to make.”

In addition to the wide variety of jams and jellies, including whole figs, fig preserves, pear preserves, and other popular varieties, the Peanut Inn also carries a large selection of no-sugar-added jams and jellies.

“We also sell several no-sugar-added chocolates,” said Jones. “We try to be in tune with the dietary needs of all our customers.”

“Peanuts are an excellent health food,” said Jones. “Naturally cholesterol-free, peanuts contain the same phytochemical found in red wine (resveratrol) that is associated with reduced cardiovascular disease. Other heart healthy items we have are dilled and spicy pickled garlic and homemade peanut butter without salt, sugar or other additives.”

Salsas are some of the most popular items at the Peanut Inn, and several are made either locally or in Oklahoma. These include the OU and OSU salsas manufactured in Ardmore by Amigos and Shooting Star salsas and jellies from Bartlesville.

Salsa flavors include Peach-Mango, Black Bean and Corn, Jalapeño, Roasted Garlic, Green Chile, 5 Chile, Chipotle, Peach, Habañero, Tomatillo, Pepper Patch and Salsa Grande.

“We try to offer as many Made-In-Oklahoma products as possible,” said Jones. “Many of our visitors request products or souvenirs that are locally made and we try to honor their requests.”

Bedré chocolates, manufactured by the Chickasaw Nation in Paul’s Valley, are popular.

“We also sell locally made peanut and pecan brittle and honey, sorghum and molasses,” said Jones. “Whenever we can buy locally, we make every effort to do so. Our customers don’t want the same thing they can buy in a big box store.”

One of the most popular items at the Peanut Inn is the custom gift baskets which are available year round for all occasions.

“You can select your basket from several sizes and shapes, including any state in the Union, add the gourmet foods, candies and snacks you prefer, then we shrink wrap it and add an appropriate bow, for just $3 more,” said Jones. “We find that customers appreciate choosing their own favorites rather than what we might select.”

The Oklahoma shaped and other state baskets are made in the USA, he added. These include several other shapes: armadillo, pickup truck, trailer, hearts, cowboy hat, cowboy boots, longhorn head, and Christmas trees and bells.

“We ship all over the world, especially at Christmas. Many of our peanuts and especially our peanut patties go to service men and women overseas,” he added.

“Because we are a small, hometown business, we can give our customer that extra bit of service you can’t find in a big store,” said Jones. “Not only do we custom make our baskets, but we can custom package any of our peanuts and candies for special events and put your name or label on them.”

Several local brides have had peanuts custom packaged for wedding favors, he said. “The wanted a token of their home state.”

Another customer had 1,000 packages of pretzels custom packed with her company logo, and a bank ordered 25 cowboy boot baskets filled with peanuts for table decorations.

“We specialize in custom orders,” said Jones. “If you have a special event coming up, call Linda and she will help you. She has 15 years experience in public relations and special events.”

The Texoma Peanut Inn is open year round from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Saturday. Visit their website at http://peanutinn.com for products and pricing information.  Befriend us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/PeanutInn .